Albums and Prints

Imagine this.

Your friends from out of town come to stay with you for a few days. They say, “Let me see your wedding photos, it sounds like you had a great day!”

SO, you pull out your phone, and show them a few photos on instagram. Better yet, you set up your laptop, but can’t find the right hard drive. Not ideal, right?

Now, Imagine This.

Your friends from out of town walk into your home, and immediately see your wedding photos in large prints above your couch. They go over and you all start talking about the wedding.
They sit on the couch and pick up a heavy leather album with your names and wedding date on the cover. As they start flipping through page by page, you feel so good knowing that you’ve invested in these wedding heirlooms that live in your home as a reminder of the best day of your life.

Here's a sample of our wedding albums

Our albums are available in Leather or Linen with a variety of cover choices. Most couples choose to put their names and date on the front. Hopefully someone finds this album in the attic in 60 years and laughs at what you wore on your wedding day 🙂

Check out these album designs!


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