Instant Fun


Type in your phone number and see your photos instantly!


Perfect for outdoor or indoor events.


Simply “Tap to Start”
Then pick Boomerang, Photo or Video.

This is one of the best things about the Zebra Booth, it’s so compact and portable. Just a few square feet of space is needed. We do need power, and usually put it against a wall and let the event be the backdrop.

I’ll be there to check on it, but no attendant is needed. It’s ridiculously easy to use!

Just type in your phone number and we’ll text you the photo. You’ll also be able to instantly access the entire gallery from that same text.

Nope, printers severely slow down the line at the booth since prints take about 20 seconds each. Also you often have to change the paper or ink or it just stops working. We’re all about an easy and stress free event and printers stress us out 🙂

Absolutely, we’ll work with you to design something that fits your event! There are some super fun ways to do this, just ask us!

By default everyone will get access to the full gallery immediately. We can turn off gallery access to other guests and they’ll just get the photos they text to themselves. You’ll get the entire gallery shortly after.