Boston Proposal Photographer

As a Boston Proposal photographer, what I love most of all, is the the surprise part of proposals. There is SO MUCH EMOTION. I love to capture every little moment because it is unlike any other moment in your life. The surprise or shock quickly turns into relief and anticipation. Then the love and awe when you see the ring. Then the hug and the kiss. All of that can happen within 60 seconds and you need a photographer who is on their game!

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I love to help with the planning process and making sure that I’m hidden away so it’s a complete surprise! I’ll help find the best location, make sure the wind won’t blow anyone’s hair in the wrong direction and make sure the lighting is perfect!

I’ll also send you a big selection of favorites later the same day! You’ll be excited to share the news with friends and family and the photos will help you tell the story and re-live the emotions you felt.

Proposal Tips and Advice

Make sure they’ll say “YES” – They don’t have to know you’re going to propose any time soon, but you should definitely talk about your plans to get married with your partner before you buy that ring!

Talk to Family – Let a few important people in on the surprise. They may even be able to help with transportation or some misdirection to help pull off the perfect surprise proposal.

Plan with your Photographer – I’ll work with you in the weeks leading up to your proposal to put together the perfect plan. When the time comes, I’ll be hidden away at our designated spot. Did you know you can share your real-time location with me through google maps? Or you can shoot a quick pre-written text when you’re getting close!

Share it with the world – I’ll send over a few of my favorites within 24 hours so you can share the big news!

Let’s Start Planning Your Proposal!

Are you still unsure if you should hire a photographer for your proposal? Ask yourself, will you be able to sleep at night without photos like these below?? 🙂