We are Boston Family Photographers

First, we listen.

We put in the time to get to know every member of our clients’ family before the session. Our goal is to capture the real relationships and personalities unique to your family and to photograph you as only a friend could. We aim to capture this fleeting moment in your family’s history.

Second, we have fun.

Nobody wants to feel stiff and posed in photos. We have our family photos taken every year, so I feel your pain. But we’re all about relaxed family photo sessions. Let’s shoot on your home turf, somewhere familiar to you doing something you would actually do in real life. Doesn’t that sound better than laying on a beach in denim head to toe? 🙂

Lastly, we print.

Do you really want more pictures on your phone? Where are those photos from 5 years ago? We’re all about preserving your family history. By having prints on your walls, not only do you get to enjoy your photos on a daily basis, but there’s lots of research showing that it’s great for a child’s self-esteem to see photos of themselves being loved by their family. Plus you’re ensuring that you can pass on a visual legacy to future generations.

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