Arnold Arboretum Engagement Session

Arnold Arboretum Spring Engagement Session

This Arnold Arboretum Spring engagement session was certainly one of the most colorful shoots I’ve ever done. The flowers were in full bloom in June and everywhere you looked there was a beautiful spot for photos. We started by the Rhododendrons and you really should go if you’ve never been. It’s so fun to wander off the path and inside a giant plant full of flowers.

Here’s what Alyssa had to say about why the arboretum is such a special place for them.
“The Arnold arboretum is special to us because Brett used to live in JP, and we would go there all the time during our first 3 years of dating. We spent many an afternoon exploring, lounging, learning, and making memories together. We both love nature, and the arboretum was a sweet escape from the city that was very accessible (and beautiful!) to us.  Our parents met even each other for the first time when the lilacs were in bloom (which is the best time to go, in May). We chose to do our photoshoot in June because we had been in the Rhododendron section before but kept missing the blooms. So, when we went there for the engagement shoot, it was also our first time finally seeing them in their full glory!”

I feel like we came at the perfect time of year because you got the color on the branches but also on the ground!

Gotta feel the grass on your feet!

They could tell you exactly what this weird plant is called, but I got nothing haha

I love when I have a couple that just laughs the whole time. It makes my job so much fun!

Arnold Arboretum Spring Engagement Session

Arnold Arboretum Spring Engagement Session

These are some of my favorites and perfect for them – literally surrounded by plants.

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