Arrowhead Acres Uxbridge Wedding

I started with Wendy and Dave the day before their Arrowhead Acres Uxbridge wedding. I arrived at Dave’s family home for their traditional Asian Tea Ceremony. Te ceremonies are so fun, and I was even included by Dave’s mom. It’s so wonderful to be welcomed in as part of the family. I truly felt like family when we all went to get Dim Sum afterwards and I ate everything, including chicken feet 🙂

The wedding day started out with Dave and his groomsmen setting up at Arrowhead Acres. The ceremony was really sweet with Wendy and her dad riding in on a horse before walking down the aisle. After i managed not to fall off the ladder during the full wedding photo we went inside for the reception. They really transformed the space. There was SO much food, including a full pig 🙂

The most memorable part of the day for me was the party, they went absolutely crazy! Keep scrolling to see all the wild dancing.

Arrowhead Acres Uxbridge Wedding

  Arrowhead Acres Uxbridge Wedding

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