Artists for Humanity Wedding First Dance

Artists for Humanity Wedding

I honestly don’t even know where to begin telling you about this Artists for Humanity wedding. From the most heart-felt ceremony I’ve ever witnessed to the live 20-minute Zumba class during the reception, this wedding had it all. Jocelyn and John are truly generous people, which is why they picked Artists for Humanity as their venue. They provide paid employment in art and design in a safe space for Boston area teens. The artwork is all over the walls in the spacious gallery, and it’s truly one of the most unique spaces for a wedding in Boston.

Jocelyn and John had three themes for their wedding.

It was in December, so the color red was a constant throughout the day. They have a love for Disney as they visit every year and were actually engaged there as well. Finally, DANCE IS LOVE! This was written in bold, red letters on their dance floor as you’ll see. They are both heavily involved in the Boston Latin street dancing scene. Many of their dance friends were in attendance as well as three different club DJs that they have grown to love over the years. It was INSANE! I honestly had to keep reminding myself to take photos and capture every moment because it was like watching a show. They were literally spinning all over the dance floor. When someone got tried of dancing they would sit down and start playing the bongo drum or grab a Maraca.

Enough of me, you just have to see these photos, keep scrolling!

Hair & Make-up by Natalie

First of many wonderful Disney details, I loved it 🙂

“don’t laugh at my heart drawing”

You’ll see these dancing shoes later!

If you’re getting married at Artists for Humanity, I highly recommend the Residence Inn by Marriott Downtown Seaport for getting ready. It’s super close and plenty of spots for photos before the ceremony.

This is usually my job to get the kids attention. I’ll take all the help I can get!

I feel like this is a Playbill cover for a musical, right?

Artists for Humanity Wedding

I love this wedding ceremony space covered in twinkle lights in front of the garage door at Artists for Humanity.

One of my favorites below

Petals Inc brought their floral A-game!

This is so rad. Guests could each add a little bit to the painting throughout the evening.

They had a caricature artist during cocktail hour.

HUGE shoutout to Amanda Dudley of Red Letter Occasions for executing Jocelyn and John’s vision beautifully down to every last detail.

Gourmet Caterers brought together the couples dream perfectly.

Olaf quote.

DJ Black Mamba, DJ Condori and DJ Rob Suave crushed it!

Salsa Y Control gave a dance lesson so people were ready to go for the epic party ahead of them.

Wedding Reception Zumba Class

The was the coolest part of the night. Jocelyn is a Zumba instructor herself, and asked some other instructors to come do a class at her wedding. A 20 minute sweaty, intense zumba class! Everyone was into it, and it was so fun to photograph.

The few people not doing Zumba grabbed a grilled cheese 🙂

A little Jenga at the end of the night.

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