Bancroft's Castle Gibbet Hill Engagement Session

Bancroft’s Castle Gibbet Hill Engagement Session

I had so much fun at Taylor and Nate’s Bancroft’s Castle Gibbet Hill engagement session. We laughed so much and I’ll tell a couple of those stories further down in this post. We parked on the side of the road and walked up the hill to Bancroft’s castle. It was seriously magical, the sun was coming through and it was silent. With the leaves on the ground we walked around and found some pretty spots for photos. We then drove around to the Barn at Gibbet Hill and walked around the property there as well. It’s such a picturesque location! Taylor and Nate were goofing around the whole time, scroll on down to see their photos!

Right before the photo below, I asked Taylor to tell Nate one reason she was happy to be marrying him. She replied, “your Patriots season tickets” This was what happened next 🙂

In this photo I asked them to stand over by the wood, and Taylor asked me if they should sit down. I said, “Why don’t you be quiet and let me do my job?!” This is what happened next. I love that I can joke around and be sarcastic with my couples! (and they give it right back)

Bancroft’s Castle Gibbet Hill Engagement Session