North End Boston Engagement Session

Boston North End Engagement Session

We photographed right in Karlei and Darren’s back yard for this Boston North End engagement session. They chose a meaningful place and showed me around some of their favorite spots. “We love this alley, we had one of our first dates at that restaurant, that’s the church where we’re getting married.” It’s so much better to look at familiar places on your wall, not just a random place where Stephen took us for pictures. I met Karlei and Darren at a wedding a few years ago where Karlei was the MOH. I was thrilled when I heard they were engaged.

We had to reschedule a couple times and the leaves were almost gone at this point in November, but I think we found all the color left in the North End!

Boston North End Engagement Session

My new favorite alley in the North End for engagement photos. It looks like a broadway set.

Boston North End Engagement Session

Ahhhh, LOVE these guys 🙂

Darren’s one request was a photo in front of the wine shop. Good call Darren!

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