Fuller Gardens NH Wedding

I absolutely love small, intimate and unconventional weddings. There’s something about going through your wedding day with absolutely no stress, with only the few people that mean the most to you. That’s what this Fuller Gardens NH wedding was all about. With their close, tight-knit family, Sarah and Cody decided to have a garden ceremony at Fuller Gardens in North Hampton, New Hampshire. We then walked across the street to the beach to find the dense fog filled horizon over the ocean and rocks. It was a magical scene and these two made it even more special. We then drove up to Portsmouth, where Massimo’s had prepared a lovely feast for the 19 in attendance. Sarah’s dad gave a memorable and emotional toast, which for me was the highlight of the day, and expressed the love everyone in that room felt. I am so grateful to be witness to and be fortunate enough to capture days like these and I hope you enjoy the photos!

Fuller Gardens NH Wedding

This is one of my favorites from the day! Mom forgot the rings in the limo and had to run to get them during the ceremony, but don’t give her a hard time cause moms love you the best 🙂

The Greenhouse at Fuller Gardens

It was SO foggy! I’ve always wanted to shoot in fog on the ocean and this was amazing.

Wedding reception dinner at Ristorante Massimo in Portsmouth, NH

Older generations value print, and I’m doing my best to help bring that love for holding a photo in your hands to all of my clients!

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