Hellenic Center Wedding

This was my first Hellenic Center wedding, and it’s such a beautiful space. It is also very meaningful to Christina and Tim’s family as well as the Greek Orthodox church they were married in. They are very close to their families. In fact, Christina’s family band even played part of the reception. Almost 100% of the photos we took were either taken indoors or after dark. They got married right after Christmas on one of the shortest days of the year. Christina and Tim wanted to make sure their photographer was comfortable and able to use lighting to still get the photos they were hoping for. I love photographing at night and definitely love using lighting while still getting those quick candid moments. The most fun part of the day was the dance party. Christina’s big Greek family had so many fun traditions and there was always something to photograph. I loved the joy that filled the room everywhere you looked. It really felt like one big family.

Tara, from Tada is so wonderful to work with!

I probably should have stopped him from getting in the dog crate with his suit on, but I’m playing my “photojournalist” card. I play it when it suits me 🙂

The crowning ceremony is my favorite part!

Hellenic Center Wedding photos

Hellenic Center Wedding

I just love this entire image so much!

Hellenic Center Wedding

Christina’s sister gave a toast and everyone got a Miller Lite in honor of their late brother. It was a moving moment and Christina was so happy to have photos of it.

Quick outdoor photo with the twinkle lights to end it 🙂

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