Menontomy Rocks Park Engagement Session

Menotomy Rocks Park Engagement Session

We got to explore some new places for this Menotomy Rocks Park engagement session. We actually first started at Spy Pond in Arlington, and found some great spots by the water. We then quickly hit Robbins Farm Park to get that Boston skyline! We ended up at Menotomy Rocks Park. All these spots are within 5 minutes of each other.

You won’t find two happier people than Victoria and Mario. The engagement session is often the first time I meet a couple in person, so I never quite know what I’m walking in to. But as soon as we met, I knew it would be a fun time. They are so sweet and just really enjoy being with each other.

Menotomy Rocks Park Engagement Session

 I love having my couples just go for a walk and then see what happens. I noticed Victoria was holding her dress and then she did this amazing look down, point the toe thing. So I ask, “Victoria, are you a dancer?” Her response is a bit coy so I ask Mario to throw down a beat that she can dance to. Victoria tells me that he’s actually a really good beatboxer. Which turned out to be so true. Also, Victoria CAN dance.

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