Oceanview of Nahant Spring Wedding

Oceanview of Nahant Spring Wedding

I’m finally getting around to sharing some new weddings! This Oceanview of Nahant Spring Wedding was a ton of fun! Amna and Ethan had a covid wedding in Pakistan last year with a lot of Amna’s family last year. This year they wanted to have a big celebration with many of their friends and family who couldn’t make that trip last year. I love the Oceanview and it was my first time seeing the huge remodel for 2022! They completely remodeled their bar and cocktail hour space. I love the new look.

We got a beautiful day, it was bit windy for the ceremony, but luckily the building blocked a lot of the wind. The view of the ocean is amazing and it’s such a cool place to get married. For this year’s wedding they incorporated many of Ethans family’s Jewish traditions. He stepped on the glass during the ceremony and they signed their Ketubah afterwards. They did my favorite Jewish tradition as well – the Hora! They got lifted up on chairs and it was so fun. I love getting in the middle of a huge crowd and capturing all the excitement. Plus nobody fell off so it was pretty successful all around!

The Oceanview has a list of recommended airbnbs and places to get ready. This is the one on Pleasant St. It’s a beautiful big house with a great front yard!

Very impressive!

Oceanview of Nahant Spring Wedding

They showed the video from their wedding in Pakistan so everyone who wasn’t able to make it could experience it as well.

Speaking of wedding video, StopGoLove was with me for this day, I love working with them!

Right outside the front door of the Oceanview is a golf course, and there’s always a beautiful sunset. After a few quick photos we went back inside and hit the dance floor – HARD!

Everyone had a blast with Paul from Doucette Entertainment!

Last dance on the beach!

last dance at oceanview of Nahant on the beach

I loved this after party by the fire!

Oceanview of Nahant after party with smores and fire pit

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