Pavilion at Pinehills Wedding

I’m finally sharing Meadhbh (pronounced May v) and Pat’s Pavilion at Pinehills wedding! We started out with prep at Hotel 1620 in Plymouth. Christina from MakeMeUp was there getting everyone ready to go. Their ceremony was maybe my favorite part of the day as I’ve hardly ever seen a couple so happy and laughing though the whole ceremony. That was in large part to Kezia, their officiant. Everyone was raving about how she made it so fun and personalized.

After some family photos, we headed out on the golf cart and to explore the beautiful golf course. We found some great spots and hit up the iconic gate that Pinehills is known for. Back inside the ballroom, the reception was beautifully decorated and it was time to party. One thing I really love is that when you get good weather they have the fire pit going outside. This gives guests a great spot to step away  for a minute before going back to the dance floor!


Pavilion at Pinehills Ballroom

Pavilion at Pinehills Wedding

Pavilion at Pinehills Wedding Reception