Intimate At Home Boston Wedding

This was an extremely emotional, intimate at-home wedding at the bride’s family home. Leah and Blake wanted to celebrate their wedding with just their close family of 16 people. Leah was one of the most wonderfully emotional brides I’ve ever photographed. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but first leave you with this incredible note that Leah wrote me as soon as she saw her photos.
“Everyone was commenting on how much they loved having you there – it was like you were part of the family.
 I didn’t realize until looking at these photos how important they would be to me. You did exactly as I had seen on your site – captured those tiny moments that I didn’t even know happened. The photo of Blake showing me his grandfather’s video was incredible – so so special. And my father… He is going to die with happiness!!!
Thank you thank you. You are definitely gifted. These mean so much to me!!!”

I love this little moment right after they were married, just holding each other.

We had to add some levity to the family photos 🙂

Intimate At Home Boston Wedding

They completely surprised me with this first dance, especially Blake, he was insane 🙂

Leah’s mom wiping a tear in the background during the first dance.

The bond between all the family was so strong, but the daddy-daughter stuff gets e every time.

Blake’s mom brought her A-game.

So this was a surprise. Blake’s grandfather couldn’t attend the wedding, so he recorded a message and sent it to them to watch on their wedding day. Leah had no idea.

After a few toasts and a wonderful dinner, they danced harder than any other 16 people I’ve seen 🙂

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