Red Lion Inn Wedding

Red Lion Inn Cohasset Wedding

Guys, I’ve been photographing weddings for seven years, but the weddings seem to be getting more and more emotional. I honestly think it was always happening at weddings, I’m just more aware now and capturing more tears and laughter. Courtney and Jacob had a wonderfully intimate Red Lion Inn Cohasset wedding, even though the venue was packed. It’s this perfect venue in Cohasset with an elegant barn. It just felt like a big family all celebrating together and I definitely felt welcomed into that. There were so many memorable moments that I’ll talk about as you scroll, but mostly I’m just so happy that God brought Courtney and Jacob together. Their families couldn’t be happier for them and as you’ll see that happiness turned into a crazy, fun dance party. 🙂

When Ken saw his daughter for the first time in a wedding dress.

After Courtney’s mom wiped away her tears, they even did a first look with Courtney’s parents, and Ken said something like how she was just as beautiful as she was on their wedding day years ago. So sweet!

The Grandmas sneaking a peek!

They are so happy 🙂

This is a favorite for sure!

Red Lion Inn Cohasset Wedding

Red Lion Inn Wedding

I’m so naturally emotional, how am I supposed to keep it together when everyone is crying?!

They had this wonderful two minute moment after they lit the unity candle where they spoke into each other’s ears. It’s so important to stop and connect in the midst of the whirlwind of a wedding.

I loved the simplicity and elegance of the barn set up and details.


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